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and remember to click the wings!

You may call me Laurent or Enu!

I'm a bit of an avid writer.
I'm looking to make my own RP campaigns in
the future, so stay tuned.

I have a few problems that might hinder my
writing when it comes to RP, so be patient with me!

Things you can request,
for free!

1. I love making playlists, so if
you want a playlist for your character,
request here:

2. You can request pieces of writing! A scenario, or
anything really. PM me on the turtlewow forums!

3. Gifs and screenshots!
Just PM me an area, or come take
a picture with me

4. These are closed for now, but eventually, I
can make edits and aesthetics/moodboards!

The gallery
memories and heartfelt screenshots go

Have a picture to contribute? PM me!
The upload size here is 2mb, so I may have
to crop your pictures.